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TorQue MuziQ – Jaiv uJuluke Ft. Sykes & Pushkin RSA

Jaiv uJuluke by TorQue MuziQ & Sykes & Pushkin RSA

TorQue MuziQ – Jaiv uJuluke Ft. Sykes & Pushkin RSA

Renowned South African musician and outstanding singer, TorQue MuziQ have released a phenomenal song named “Jaiv uJuluke”.


Additionally, award-winning musicians Sykes and Pushkin RSA, who alternately divide some sultry verses, are featured on the outstanding record.

His incredible musical abilities are on full display in the song’s melody, which has a great tempo and terrific lyrics that will make you want to dance together.

South African house music has become increasingly popular in the past ten years. It differentiates itself by fusing traditional African music with electronica, hip-hop, and soul.

A distinctive and exciting transnational synthesis results when this inventive beat is combined with elements of South African music tradition.

Ultimately, this chic new song will turn into a timeless classic that uplifts rather than depresses you, so put it on repeat.

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