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TorQue MuziQ – Ugesi ft. Tee Jay & Aymos

Ugesi by TorQue MuziQ ft. Tee Jay & Aymos

Pulling up on this new release called Ugesi are TorQue MuziQ, Tee Jay, and Aymos.


The combined abilities of these musicians create an inventive and captivating sound with this partnership.

A strong and passionate tone is established by the song’s opening melodic components and appealing, rhythmic pace. Rich and textured listening is produced as the song goes on by the addition of layers of percussion, basslines, and harmonies.

Aymos has a really remarkable vocal performance, clearly and emotionally conveying the words. His voice combines with the sound so well that the song gains depth and resonance. DJ ANUNNAKI and Jo Carlos collaborated on Tabendananuwe lately with Aymos and Myztro.

Strong and poignant, the song is produced with dynamic lyrics.

Amapiano is encapsulated in this song, which has a strong message and dramatic sound that really connects with listeners. Fans of the genre should not miss this song; it offers an interesting and memorable listening experience.

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