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Uncle Waffles is up for two Grammy nominations

Uncle Waffles was nominated for two Grammy Awards.


The Asylum album is up for Best Global Music Album, and Yahyuppiyah is up for Best African Music Performance.

She announced the categories on social media and asked her followers and recording academy members for their support.

“It’s been an amazing year, I’ve played 100+ international shows and I’m so grateful for everything that continues to happen in my life. Today marks the 2 year anniversary since my life changed and I’m in awe at what has happened since, and this part of my journey is even more exciting as I’m proud to Announce that I’m in the running for two Grammys nominations, I need my babies to share this post for me🥹!! If you’re a member of the @recordingacademy, I’d appreciate your support,” she wrote.

Uncle Waffles appreciated people who contributed to the aforementioned album and single.