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TLee, Cassper Nyovest’s manager, discusses the African Throne tour with Nasty C

Cassper Nyovest and Nasty C worked together to make their African Throne tour, the first of its type, a success.


The rappers’ teams also worked hard on the initiative, and Nyovest’s manager, TLee, was one of the people who helped the tour succeed.

Reflecting on the genesis and end of phase one of the tour, the manager said, “From concept, waiting for perfect timing, multiple meetings, endless phone calls & emails, huge financial risks, trusting partners (some fell dropped out along way), internal disagreements, solutions, an incredible internal team, mistakes and remedies, big shows, small turnout, over sold venues, junky partnering promoters, lack of sponsors to finally securing amazing brands.”

He anticipates sharing the journey of the tour with fans of the two rappers. “We ain’t done, but I can’t wait for y’all to see what this journey has been like on film.

The team went through so much. We always knew though once @casspernyovest & @nasty_csa touched that stage it all felt like it was worth all the pain. These dudes are the ultimate professionals! I’m so damn encouraged. Blessings my man @tevywevy33 Special love to @siphodlam, this ain’t happening without that 1 meeting,” TLee wrote.

Meanwhile, Nasty C and Cassper Nyovest are preparing for phase 2 of the tour which will take place in 2024 in Europe, the US, and the UK.