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ShaunMusiq & Ftears, Myztro, Scotts Mapuma – Cishe Nga Posta (Video)

The new song “Cishe Nga Posta” by ShaunMusiq and Ftears features Myztro and Scotts Mapuma. The catchy sounds and engrossing lyrics of this most recent album are sure to ignite the music scene.


A special fusion of skills is brought together by the partnership between ShaunMusiq, Ftears, Myztro, and Scotts Mapuma, each of whom adds their own distinctive flair. With silky vocals by ShaunMusiq and Ftears, with skillful production by Myztro and lyrical brilliance by Scotts Mapuma, “Cishe Nga Posta” is sure to blow up in the music business.

“Cishe Nga Posta” has a rhythm and melody that will entice listeners of Afrobeat and modern music. This song will have listeners pressing the repeat button because of the infectious hooks and upbeat music.

Watch and share your thought below: