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Nkatha – Kudala Ft Sipho Magudulela, Frank Mabeat & Arcader

Kudala by Nkatha & Sipho Magudulela, Frank Mabeat & Arcader

Nkatha – Kudala Ft Sipho Magudulela, Frank Mabeat & Arcader

A gifted South African singer-songwriter, Nkatha just released a new song called “Kudala”.


Besides Nkatha’s outstanding performance, the song features award-winning musicians Sipho Magudulela, Frank Mabeat, and Arcader. Each artist injects their personality into the track, adding depth and dimension to an already impressive song.

Some people simply possess exceptional talent. Nkatha is one of many talented musicians in South Africa who have been recognized for their vocal and acting abilities.

According to the performer, the ultimate sound is like fresh air because it blends electronic dance music’s electronic and percussive vibes with the dynamic tempo and intensity of Afrobeat.

For instance, skilled sound engineers skillfully combine historically significant Nigerian instruments with South African drums. As such, the soundtrack is especially unique, varied, and impactful.

In addition, this inventive beat incorporates elements of South African music culture, resulting in an innovative and thrilling transcontinental fusion.

Lastly, music enthusiasts should add this incredible performance to their playlist. This is the perfect option when you want to unwind and let the beat take over.

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