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Nasty C – Stalling
Nasty C – Stalling

A hip-hop artist from South Africa, Nasty C has released his first album of the year, named “Stalling.”

With a tune that Gianni Capovilla created that appears to be an early Valentine’s Day gift for his listeners, Nasty C kicks off 2022 in great fashion.

‘You can simply leave if you wanna leave, If you don’t want travel the whole way there with me, then goodbye Goodbye’ is a catchy phrase from the relatable song “Stalling” on the album.

Nasty C has been working on his upcoming album, which is expected to release before the fourth quarter of the year.

Nasty C had a previous appearance on Dax’s album, “40 Days 40 Nights,” which came out in 2021.

Quotable Lyrics;

You can just leave if you wanna leave
If you don’t wanna go the whole way there with me, then goodbye
You can tell your friends don’t bother me
You’re fucking up a good thing and they all can see that I try
I try

I won’t come back, I’m sorry
I’ma finish what you started
I thought you said you was all in
You stalling, you stalling

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