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Nasty C explains his absence from Cotton Fest Cape Town

Nasty C explains why he was unable to attend Cotton Fest Cape Town 2023.


The rapper revealed ahead of time that he would not be attending the event due to a leg injury.

He said he had to cancel a show, but was hopeful that he would perform at the fest.

However, since he can’t walk well due to the leg injury, he made it known that he won’t be available to perform.

“As some of my fans might know, I had an injury a few days ago, and as a result had to cancel a show. I was really hoping that I would have fully recovered by now but I’m still in the process of healing and can barely walk let alone give a decent performance so it kills me to say this but I won’t be able to make it tonight,” he wrote.

Nasty further cheered fans to attend the show and celebrate Riky Rick’s legacy.