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Nasty C – Can’t Imagine

Can’t Imagine by Nasty C

Nasty C – Can’t Imagine
Nasty C – Can’t Imagine

South Africa’s most acclaimed rapper, Nasty C releases a new hip-hop album titled “Can’t Imagine.”


Nasty C glides brilliantly in two minutes and twenty-three seconds on his rough album, ‘Can’t Imagine,’ his second of the year.

The song ‘Can’t Imagine,’ created by CEDES, demonstrates Nasty C’s continuity with his genre. It comes just after he published a song snippet on Instagram.

Furthermore, Nasty C spits bars on the record, which features four verses with no hook. The song’s artwork represents the rapper’s point of view.

Spank Daddy, Nasty C continues to build anticipation for his upcoming sophomore album on Def Jam Recordings and Universal Music.

Quotable Lyrics

I can’t imagine my kingly self tryna mingle with y’all
Or talking down on those above me just to fish for applause
They try to come at me only to have me zip up their jaws
I’ll pick their business apart, I’ll get their children involved
I should cut ’em at their knees, I should cripple you all
I should bury a niggas then tweet, “We’re missing you, dawg”
I can’t believe you think we even, bitch, your vision is flawed
I’m in a league where you niggas never existed at all

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