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Makhadzi Entertainment – Wagana ft 2point1, Gusba Banana & Prince Benza

Wagana by Makhadzi Entertainment & 2point1, Gusba Banana & Prince Benza

South African singer-songwriter and performer, Makhadzi Entertainment, has returned with a brand-new song that is sure to enthrall listeners everywhere. The song, “Wagana,” is a true gem and ought to be on everyone’s Playlist.


The involvement of other brilliant musicians in the creation of this song adds to its uniqueness. A vibrant and unique musical experience is produced by 2point1, Gusba Banana, and Prince Benza.

The new song is flawless in terms of vocal delivery and has a catchy melody, and that’s not even taking into account the fact that it was just published.

This song’s melody is earworm-worthy, making it impossible to forget. This song is a must-have for every music collection.

Listen to what we have to say, then let us know what you think!