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Da L.E.S – What I Want ft. Nadia Naka
Da L.E.S – What I Want ft. Nadia Naka

Renowned South African American hip-hop rapper, Da L.E.S released his sophomore album ‘Diamond In Africa’ last week. 


Here’s “What I Want” from this project, featuring Family Tree’s vocalist Nadia Nakai.

The artist compares the ultimate sound to fresh air because it combines Afrobeat’s dynamic tempo and intensity with electronic dance music’s percussive and electronic vibes.

This cutting-edge beat combines elements of South African musical tradition, creating an exciting and innovative transcontinental fusion.

For instance, skilled sound engineers skillfully combine South African drums and historically significant Nigerian instruments. The soundtrack is particularly distinctive, varied, and powerful as a result.

In addition, this inventive beat combines elements of South African music culture, creating an exciting and revolutionary transcontinental fusion.

It is worthy of praise for its production and mixing that the First-class mix brought Fiokee’s guitar to the forefront.

If you appreciate good music, add this original composition to your playlist as it is a hit song.

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