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Central Cee confirms relationship with TikToker Madeline Argy

Some rigorous investigation appears to have revealed the relationship between influencer Madeline Argy and rapper Central Cee, 24.


The couple, who was thought to have had a vacation in Ibiza last week, was seen exiting a club together.

Ekin-Su from Love Island finally discusses whether she is related to Central Cee.

On TikTok, Madeline, a 21-year-old Londoner with over two million followers, primarily shares relevant anecdotes and wellness videos.

As well as being pictured together, she posted a photo wearing one of his hoodies and fans have been quick to gather the evidence.

It seems he’s over his Doja Cat crush…

After dropping song ‘Doja’ – which contained some NSFW lyrics – earlier this summer, fans are now pointing out his controversial lyrics might just confirm he’s dating the social media star after unearthing a video of her telling a story about her ‘ex-girlfriend’.

And in a video with Genius, Central Cee said of the lyric: “My girlfriend is bisexual.”

Since then, fans have been filling TikTok with all the times these two internet stars have been seen hanging out.

There’s also a video Madeline posted telling her followers someone bought her new trainers after saying her old ones ‘gave them the ick’. Naturally, fans have returned to the video filling the comments with, “Was it Central Cee???”

Neither of them have addressed their relationship just yet.