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AKA – Company ft. KDDO
AKA – Company ft. KDDO

Following his passing, Kiernan’s family releases AKA‘s newest track, “Company,” to honor his legacy.
AKA collaborates with his longtime friend and Nigerian artist KDDO (Kiddominant) to give his fans another song like “Fela in Versace.” KDDO produced it.

The song features a catchy chorus from KDDO and features AKA and KDDO talking about how many chicks they desire. AKA also gives a shoutout to Los Angeles, where they recorded the song.

According to AKA’s wishes, the upcoming single “Company” will be released with longtime buddy and partner Kiddominant. Throughout his vacation in January, the single was recorded in Los Angeles.

The musicians combine the fast-paced tempo and intensity of soul music with the pounding and thrilling vibes of electronic dance music to produce a novel sound.

However, this is an excellent popular song that should not be overlooked.

This wonderful performance has enticing melodies and catchy lyrics that are guaranteed to wake up your desire to dance and groove.

Consequently, this tune is an exceptional piece that will surely get you going. Not to add, you can add to your music collection if you love listening to good music.

Quotable Lyrics:

Just trust in me, uh
I’ll build you a masterpiece (Let’s go)
This world not enough for me
Kiss me on the cheek, say “mwah” for me (Mwah)
Oh, close company (Go)
Energy, feel no punch from me (Go, yeah)
This luxury (Woo)
R.I.P DJ Sumbody (Sheesh)

Oh (Let’s go, let’s go)
The mommies wanna eat you (Lets go, lets go)
T-shirt, Off-White logo (You know)
Abu Dhabi, photo (Mhh yeah yeah)
Sweets on my neck (Oh yeah)
Diamonds say “Gqim shelele” (Yeah yeah)
I sleep when I’m dead (Let’s go, aii, yeah)

One girl not enough me
Two girls not enough me
Three girls not enough me
Not enough for me, not enough for me
Four girls not enough for me
Five girls not enough for me
Six girls not enough for me
Not enough for me, nah nah (Yeah)

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