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Davido and Wizkid have quite achieved a massive peak together in the Afrobeat forum with their incredible musical qualities.

Since they struck the limelight they have been able to impose their status as a vast influence and inspiration aiding the buoyancy of Afrobeat.

This has also thrust an enormous number of common uniqueness bounded to their status. They are encircled with common qualities that are not left to be discussed.

In this article, we would discuss some common features the two Afrobeat gem share together.

5 Features Davido And Wizkid Share In Common

Baby Mamas 

Since The two Afrobeat maestros, Davido and Wizkid struck the limelight, they have on several dimensions proven their taste for women. This has even extended to the state that lured many into the status of emerging as their Baby Mamas.

These similarities play a huge role in their lives amid how they have welcomed the same tally of children from the same number of Baby Mamas.

In this aspect, the similarities also spanned across how they met the gorgeous women who later gifted them their beloved children to date.

David Adedeji Adeleke has recorded a verified and confirmed tally of three Baby Mamas, Sofia Momodu, Amanda and Chioma Avril who gifted him his three children. This also impacts the status of Wizkid who also recorded a tally of three Baby Mamas, Shola Ogudu, Binta Diallo and Jada Pollock who blessed him with his three children.

However, Wizkid seems to have broken this bond with Davido after he allegedly welcomed his fourth child with his third Baby Mama, Jada Pollock.

Slightly, Davido also has matched up with this tally but it has not been confirmed yet after several sources disclosed that Davido is yet to take full responsibility for a toddler who gave him a striking resemblance.  He is yet to accept the young child allegedly gifted to him by his UK-based unconfirmed Baby Mama.

Award-winning Ability 

They have also established their musical qualities and soared to the top. This has thrust room for several major annual music awards they have won on several occasions.

The common feature that bonded them together in this aspect is the fact they dominated every single award-winning forum they were assigned to.

Just like Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo, Davido and Wizkid push each other in this field and have incredibly bagged several musical awards individually.

Although Wizkid is ahead of Davido in this aspect, the ‘Gobe’ crooner has bagged every single award Wizkid has triumphed over since he debuted in the Nigerian music firm.

Ambassadorial deals

It also spanned across the field of endorsement deals where the two have secured common mouth-watering endorsement deals.

Since the peak of their career, Davido and Wizkid has secured an enormous number of endorsement deals that have best described their uniqueness.

Davido and Wizkid are both active Ambassadors of global popular firms like Pepsi and Puma. This has well described their common features in this category.

Davido secured his Pepsi endorsement deal in 2016 while Wizkid did the same even before him in 2012 just quite as he rose to stardom. They have both influenced the firm massively with their iconic names and qualities.

Wizkid quite secured Puma’s whooping deal in 2020 before Davido bagged the endorsement deal in 2021 adding to their common features.


Despite having the same number of children as the actual number of Baby Mamas, Davido and Wizkid have quite shared several features in common.

In this aspect, Davido and Wizkid similarly welcomed three children from three Baby Mamas. Several sources also disclosed that they have both extended the tally to 4 children but it’s not yet announced by the singers.

A social media influencer and businesswoman, Sophia Momodu emerged as Davido’s First Baby Mama after she conceived from their secret entanglement and gifted him Imade Adeleke.

Imade Adeleke is Davido’s first daughter and has exceeded the age of 5 since she was born on the 14th of May 2015. She is currently a brand ambassador for the firm, “Eva”.

Another Atlanta-based gorgeous woman identified as Amanda gifted the singer his second daughter and child, Hailey Adeleke after they bonded in Atlanta; a sexually related act thrust by a night club Davido Attended.

Just quite everyone thought the singer had ended the tally, he welcomed his first son and third child with his fiance, Chioma Avril who later emerged to be his third Baby Mama.

Just like Davido, in the early peak of Wizkid’s career, he bonded with Shola Ogudu who gifted him his first son whom he named Boluwatife.

Similar to Davido’s way of approaching gorgeous Ladies, Wizkid went miles and entangled with a Guinea-based model, Binta Diallo who gifted him his second son, Ayo.

He didn’t just stop in this tally despite the nature of the pressure the two controversies impacted on his welfare, he still romantically bonded with his manager, Jada Pollock who gifted him his third son, Zion Balogun.

Debut Album buoyancy

One of the major common Features that bodies Davido and Wizkid is the beauty of their incredible musical qualities. This offensively made their debut albums classy.

Davido and Wizkid struck the limelight after their debut albums won the hearts of Afrobeat enthusiasts across the whole world.

Wizkid’s debut album “Superstar” was released on 12th June 2011. The album premiered several hit songs that attracted an enormous number of major music awards to his name. He did emerge victorious amongst his nominees in most of the categories.

Davido’s debut album ‘Omo Baba Olowo” which was released on 17th July 2012 also attracted massive attention and blew beyond expectation making Davido an instant star.


This is recognised as one of the most common popular features they have portrayed together for years.

However, their peak in this aspect differs following how Davido was lured into the act while Wizkid genuinely got a taste of the substance and became addicted to it.

In Davido’s previous interview, he disclosed that his bodyguard lured him to the act and has publicly declared his efforts and interest to quit smoking.

Wizkid has never in any circumstance condemned smoking. He finds a thriller in the act and has been spotted several times burning and devouring loads of substances.